Peter Aman Paid Canvassers: Shameless

Cathy Woolard Responds to Peter Aman’s Deceitful Tactics

Money has long played an outsized role in Peter Aman’s campaign, and now we have evidence of its noxious effects. Recently, two people appearing to promote Aman were caught on video spreading falsehoods about me while canvassing.

Aman, who has been known to pay canvassers, should be ashamed. He complains about unethical and unfair campaign tactics in the press and at forums, but some of his supporters clearly aren’t on the same page.

Here’s the truth: I’m in this race to the finish. Aman has not received any kind of support from me, and he won’t. I’m fighting for clean government. I’m fighting for an administration that runs on truth, not trickery. I’m fighting for ATL. Aman needs to publicly set the record straight, and he needs to do it immediately.

In an election where ethics and integrity are at the forefront of voter’s minds, we deserve better than what Aman’s team has been delivering.


Peter Aman hires canvassers at $12.10 an hour and, to date, has lent himself $1,135,000 in the mayoral race.
Raw video: