“Cathy Woolard’s Mayoral Campaign Has Pulled in Nearly $600K”

By Craig Johnson

ATLANTA, GA — Atlanta Mayoral candidate Cathy Woolard has raised nearly $600,000 in her race to lead the city, her campaign announced Wednesday.

Woolard also reported $285,000 in cash from 1,350 donors. The campaign contribution disclosure report, which all the candidates must do, is required by law.

Reached by Patch on Wednesday morning, Woolard said that one of the main issues confronting Atlantans is balancing its fervent growth.

“I think the biggest concern right now is how we grow our city in an equitable way and make the quality of life for the residents better,” she said. “That includes transit, making sure we have housing in place and making sure our schools work in every part of the city.”

Woolard said that she is leading a citywide conversation on how to make the quality of life for Atlantans better, from affordable housing to education.

“I think it’s up to government to lead and anticipate what the needs of the city are.” She said after government has identified necessities, a coalition — from civic groups to faith groups — must get together to determine how it can be done.

Atlanta has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade, with many residents who built in the suburbs moving back into the city. Atlanta’s Midtown corridor, along with downtown Atlanta, is in the midst of a development boom, pricing out many longtime residents as well a millennials. Woolard said that the city’s plight is shared by many.

“Atlanta is not alone. Every city is struggling with affordable housing,” she said. Woolard said that the city needs sustainable housing models that would keep new families in as well as elderly residents “We’ve got to have housing for seniors who can age in place,” she said.

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